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Stellar Select Solutions is an exciting new company. Using a systematic and lively approach we find the solutions to the growth and development of our clients significantly in the telecommunications, medical, energy, lifestyle and non-profit industries.


With roots originating in the United Kingdom, Stellar Select Solutions has been a pivotal part of an international expansion in the Direct Marketing field, most recently to the United States, in New York and New Jersey. Working in a team with extensive knowledge and experience, combined with an identified gap in the market, means the call for our services keeps growing and growing.


Stellar Select Solution’s goal is to open 18 more locations over the next three years across North America. By 2020, the strategy is to return to its origins in the United Kingdom and Europe, pioneering new markets and countries and ultimately expanding out to Australasia, completing a 360-degree journey across the globe.


Our success will be determined by our entrepreneurial mindsets, commitment and our unique approach to customer care, which means the demand for what we do has never been higher within the marketing industry.

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