What is outsourcing?

If you were running your own business, would you do your own finances or hire a specialist accountant? Exactly. You would hire a specialist –That’s where Stellar Select Solutions come in! As markets grow with more and more competition, it is essential for companies to deliver on their promises. Through outsourcing, our clients free up their resources to focus on doing what they do best which is delivering unprecedented products and services and still have peace of mind, through our extensive experience in the sales industry, that their sales targets and customer expectations are met.


What separates Stellar Select Solutions from the competition?

Stellar Select Solutions believe in creating long lasting relationships with our clients and their customers with an emphasis on repeat business. Given this high level of service ensures that the customers come back and refer us. We are unique in our coaching and development of each of our first class brand ambassadors. The level of coaching from the ground up is all one on one and specific to meet our clients’ needs and demands, which equates to the highest return on investment for our customers. We are so confident in our ability that we are even promising a no win- no fee guarantee, which means zero risks and a win/win situation when partnering up with the Stellar Select Solutions.


What are the career opportunities within Stellar Select Solutions?

We offer graduates and hard working business professionals the opportunity to expand on their skill sets and progress within our business model, encouraging rapid advancement. The reason why we can grow into so many markets is because of entrepreneurs like the C.E.O, Danny Wakefield. He started off in this business with no previous sales experience, and like every other Manager within our business, he developed his skills from an ‘Entry-Level’ position as an Account Executive, moving into a leadership role as a Corporate Trainer. Here he gained over 800 hours worth of interview experience in less than 12 months following an actual performance based program to where he is today, running his own marketing firm. If you consider yourself to be a stellar performer, maybe thinking of starting an exciting new opportunity, if you are ambitious, hard working and motivated to learn, then we may have place on our team for you.

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